How to make a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata Costume

I just put together this quick video on how I made a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata costume out of boxes and tissue paper.

I started with a couple boxes, one large and one long. I cut a hole in the bottom of the large box and then basically taped and glued the two boxes together. I created the head from a sketch and cut 2 pieces of cardboard out of that shape. I taped the head together and placed it onto the neck.

Then I stacked and cut 3-4″ strips of colored tissue paper with 1″ fringe. Starting at the bottom of the llama costume, I glued layers of tissue paper. I changed colors every 4 layers.

I used construction paper for the eye and reins, and paper bag for the saddle bag. I think the saddle bag may look a little better in the middle.

In the end, I attached a guitar strap (you could use a belt) in front of the hole to carry the costume around my neck.

There are a lot variations that you could make. Have a fun and safe Halloween