Boy’s Day Pencil Craft

Boy's Day Pencil CraftIt may be cinco de Mayo, but we celebrate Boy’s Day. This is a fun little craft you can do with the kids or give out as gifts.

What is boy’s day? Also known as children’s day, Boy’s Day is a Japanese holiday that takes place  on May 5th. It is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness.

On Boy’s Day (or Children’s Day), families raise the carp shaped wind-socks also known as koinobori. Koinobori are flown on a pole with one carp for the father, one for the mother, and one carp for each child.

Here I taped one koinobori to each pencil to give to the boy’s in 3rd grade. I will make these “colorable” koi available as a free download soon.

How to Draw Sugar Skulls Tutorial

How to Draw Sugar SkullsI have been getting requests for a simple tutorial for drawing sugar skulls.

The skull is basically a circle for the head and a box for the jaw which can be sketched in two parts.

Once the jaw is sketched, it can be rounded out a little on the bottom.

Sketch in the cheek bones from the temple area, a simple curved line like a backwards J.


Draw the eyes sockets low on the head leaving room to embellish them near the temple. Notice the sockets aren’t perfect circles.

The nose is like a long up-side-down heart.

Now sketch in the sides of the jaw from the cheek bone. Use a curved line to place the teeth. The teeth are just bumps above and below the curved line.

When you have finished your skull sketch, take a Sharpie or other ink pen and ink the drawing to your liking. Be sure to erase all pencil lines.

Add flowers or curls to the inside of the eye sockets, and flower petals to the outside of the eyes sockets.

Now add flowers to the head, cheeks and jaw. Any flowers will do, these are simple and quick.

Finally, add swirls, curls and additional embellishments.


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If you don’t want to draw your own, try coloring. These coloring books are available on amazon or in downloadable format on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Paper Christmas Villages, Houses & Church

Paper Christmas Village

Paper Christmas ChurchPaper Church with Stain Glass windowpaper village templare

Color, cut, fold, and glue! Making Paper Christmas villages is fun to do. Hey a rhyme!

Color a template, cut it out, fold it, glue it. I can do that! Easy as pie.

I found some FREE templates for little paper Christmas houses on pinterest.

This paper church template came from the Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book and Paper Crafts, which also includes dozens of other 3D paper Christmas crafts.

You can also get the book as a download from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Christmas Coloring & Paper Craft Projects for Kids

I decided to post some pictures of what kids are coloring with the new Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book. This is just the coloring part. After the kids color, they can cut, glue, and assemble them into really unique three-dimensional ornaments. These Ornament Projects can easily be done with construction paper and your own designs as well. I find that adult like to color just as much as the kids. There are two ways to get these fun coloring sheets: Amazon sells the book! Teachers Pay Teachers sells the download.

Christmas Star Coloring SheetsChristmas Ornament Coloring Sheetsmandala Christmas ornaments for coloringOld Fashion Christmas Ornament Coloring Pages cardinal_tangle_colorPOINTSETTIA_COLORChrismas Coloring for kids!-1Christmas Crafts for Kids!Making Paper Christmas Birds






























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How to make 3D paper peacock ornaments

How to make paper peacock ornamentI just love doing paper crafts with kids during the holidays! Here is a fun Christmas craft for you and your kids…paper birds that you can customize and hang on your Christmas tree.

This peacock coloring template is from the Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book & Paper Crafts.

To make the peacock ornament:

1.) Color in Peacock and Feathers page.
2.) Cut out peacock body, following dashed line around the head-dress. (For best results glue to a piece of cardstock before cutting.) Cut out connector.
3.) Cut out feathers as one big rectangle cutting around scalloped edges.
4.) Fan fold (back and forth) peacock feathers using the scalloped edges (valley) as a guide.
5.) Fold fan in half so it becomes a wedge of feathers.
6.) Tape the back of fan together where edges meet.
7.) Fold the “connector” along 3 creases into a triangle, overlapping the last two sides and glue or tape shut.
8.) Glue “connector” to the back of peacock body. Let dry.
9.) Put glue on the other two sides of the triangular connector and then glue peacock body to feathers.


How to make 3-D Paper Christmas Ornaments

stain_glass_Christmas_coloringHave you ever seen those beautiful three-dimensional paper Christmas ornaments? Well, they are really pretty easy to make. All you need is an ornament template, some paper, markers, scissors and glue, and you are on your way to creating some beautiful ornaments.



How_to_paper_Christmas_Ornament_pinYou will need 3-6 copies of the same ornament. You can create your own designs, use a free template like this one from Teachers Pay Teachers, or order a 3-D ornament Coloring Book.


First, color in several copies of the same ornament. It is best to color each one a little differently; it really adds variety.



Then cut them out and fold each in half with the colored sides together.

Match up the folded halves of the ornament and glue together with a glue stick. Repeat until all but the last two halves have been glued together.


Before you glue the last two sides together, place a looped piece of string in the crease and draw a line of white glue on the top.


Finally glue the last two sides together and hang on the tree from the loop.


You can do this with simple shapes and construction paper too!

Have Fun & Enjoy!



Christmas_ornament_front_coverTry this Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book & Paper Crafts with 24 different designs including some beautiful Christmas Birds! Available on Amazon in late November.

How to make tissue paper flowers for Dia de los Muertos

It’s October and craft season has officially begun. I am especially excited about Dia de los Muertos this year because Guillermo Del Toro will bring us a wonderful animated 3D movie called the Book of Life that will introduce this colorful holiday to the world.

One of my favorite things to make for Dia de los Muertos is Tissue Paper Flowers. The kids love to make these. At my parties, I find even the dad’s will get into it.

All you need to make these beauties is an array of colored tissue paper, scissors, and a piece of ribbon or floral wire. You can even do it with newspaper.

I layer about four to six sheets of tissue paper, fold in half length-wise. You can cut in half and layer again if you like.

Start a fan fold at one end and just fold back and forth.

Secure the center with a piece of ribbon, a twist tie, a pipe cleaner or floral wire.

Cut the edges so they are rounded.


Open up the fan on each side.


Then pull each layer of tissue paper towards you.



All Finished. Add them to an alter or give them to your friends. And of course they make great party decorations.


Dia del los Muertos Alter

Making Masks on Dia de los Muertos is another fun activity for the kids. There are tons of free coloring sheets on the internet. Or you can get them on Amazon from one of these best-selling coloring books.

Day_of_the_dead_cover_websugar skull coloring sheets

Sugar Skull Art Project for Kids


Sugar Skull Coloring for KidsLocal elementary school students got a preview of Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls 2 Coloring Book. Pictured to the left, children were asked to color in sugar skulls that will appear in the new book.

After the amazing success of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book, Lucid Publishing asked illustrator Monika Mira to create a second book to include more sugar skulls. While teachers were loving the life-sized skeleton in the first book because they were using it for classroom anatomy lessons, many customers wrote in saying they just wanted MORE sugar skulls. So, Sugar Skulls 2 is expected to reach the market sometime in late August in preparation for Dia de los Muertos. The book will include 20-30 brand new original skull illustrations.

In the mean time, you can still order the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book from Amazon. Check back with us for updates, when we announce the release of Sugar Skulls 2!



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Paper Christmas Ornaments

paper christmas ornamentsOh what fun it is to craft on gusty winter day, HEY!

Here are some fun ornaments that you can make strips of paper. You can use construction paper, recycled magazines, recycled books, newspaper, fancy scrapbook paper, or make strips out of artwork that your kids have pre-designed.

You will need scissors, a stapler, a hole punch and some tacky glue for this craft. Cut paper into 1/2 inch strips of different sizes. I typically cut the paper into strips that are about 2 inches shorter each time. For this ornament, I think I cut a 6″, 8″, and 10″ strip. Glued them into circles and then glued the circles together.

paper flower Christmas Ornament

I made this flower ornament using this same template.

Paper ornamentThen, I glued both sides together…tacky glue works best.

Then I glued them in the center using a paper clip to hold them together while it dried.


paper ornament instructionsThen I glued two of these together (holding with paper clip) to make this:

You will need to make 2 sets of these.

paper ornament instructionsThen I cut a slit half way through (perpendicular) the center of both of these sets of petals.

paper ornament instructionsThen with both slits facing, I slid the 2 together to make the flower.

Paper flower ornamentI cut a small paper circle, smaller than a dime and glued on top to finish.

Paper flower ornamentI just wish I had some better colored paper when I started. A fun activity for an indoor day.