How to make tissue paper flowers for Dia de los Muertos

It’s October and craft season has officially begun. I am especially excited about Dia de los Muertos this year because Guillermo Del Toro will bring us a wonderful animated 3D movie called the Book of Life that will introduce this colorful holiday to the world.

One of my favorite things to make for Dia de los Muertos is Tissue Paper Flowers. The kids love to make these. At my parties, I find even the dad’s will get into it.

All you need to make these beauties is an array of colored tissue paper, scissors, and a piece of ribbon or floral wire. You can even do it with newspaper.

I layer about four to six sheets of tissue paper, fold in half length-wise. You can cut in half and layer again if you like.

Start a fan fold at one end and just fold back and forth.

Secure the center with a piece of ribbon, a twist tie, a pipe cleaner or floral wire.

Cut the edges so they are rounded.


Open up the fan on each side.


Then pull each layer of tissue paper towards you.



All Finished. Add them to an alter or give them to your friends. And of course they make great party decorations.


Dia del los Muertos Alter

Making Masks on Dia de los Muertos is another fun activity for the kids. There are tons of free coloring sheets on the internet. Or you can get them on Amazon from one of these best-selling coloring books.

Day_of_the_dead_cover_websugar skull coloring sheets

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