How to Make Easy Ornaments from Sand and Shells you Found Beachcombing

Beachcombing Ornament

Easy to make beachcombing ornament

Beachcombing is a popular past time of vacationers, but handfuls of sand and shells often get tossed aside after the thrill of the find. Making Christmas ornaments with your beach found treasures can be a great way to perpetuate your memories from a family vacation. These ornament are so easy, even the littlest of hands can help make them, which makes this a great family time craft.

Making glass beachcomber ornaments requires that you have empty clear glass or acrylic fillable ornaments and a handful of small shells, beach glass, or sand. Simply remove the tops and let your little ones fill with treasures. You will only need a few shells to make these ornaments look attractive; overfilling can cause breakage and increase the weight of these ornaments. When the desired look is achieved, replace the top and add raffia or ribbon. It may be tempting, but don’t shake the ornaments or they will break. Also, unless you are using plastic, I don’t recommend shipping these ornaments because the shells will break the glass in the process.

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