How to Make Cork Christmas Wreaths

How to make a cork WreathYou’ve been saving corks for some unknown reason and now you need something to do with them. Cork wreaths make great gifts and corks are easy to work with. Kids love to work with corks because of their ease of use.

This fun cork project requires a bucket of corks, a straw wreath base, and a ton load of hot glue. If you don’t have corks, just ask your favorite waiter at a local restaurant to start saving them for you.

Let’s get started:

Sort the corks into two piles: synthetic and authentic. I use the synthetic corks for the base. Simply start gluing corks in rows to the inside ring of the wreath base. Make sure to remove any plastic from wreath as it will melt. If you are doing this project with the kids, make sure to use a low-temp hot glue! With this much glue, someone is likely to get burned….though I must admit that the high-temp glue works better.

If you get to a place where you have a gap, but your cork is too long, you will have to cut your cork. Here’s a secret, put a few corks in a steamer basket and steam them until they swell. This is when they are easiest to cut. When you have covered the front of the wreath with rings of corks, you can move on to the random pattern to bulk it up. You do not need to cover the back of the wreath. If you like the result of the concentric rings, you are done and can decorate with ribbon, silk grape vines, or whatever suits you. I like to bulk up the wreath a bit.

To bulk up the cork wreath place a line of glue along a cork and place it somewhat perpendicular to the ring. Alternate the direction and angle with which you place the corks. Continue placing corks until you have accomplished your desired result.

Hope you enjoyed!

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