How to make 3D paper peacock ornaments

How to make paper peacock ornamentI just love doing paper crafts with kids during the holidays! Here is a fun Christmas craft for you and your kids…paper birds that you can customize and hang on your Christmas tree.

This peacock coloring template is from the Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book & Paper Crafts.

To make the peacock ornament:

1.) Color in Peacock and Feathers page.
2.) Cut out peacock body, following dashed line around the head-dress. (For best results glue to a piece of cardstock before cutting.) Cut out connector.
3.) Cut out feathers as one big rectangle cutting around scalloped edges.
4.) Fan fold (back and forth) peacock feathers using the scalloped edges (valley) as a guide.
5.) Fold fan in half so it becomes a wedge of feathers.
6.) Tape the back of fan together where edges meet.
7.) Fold the “connector” along 3 creases into a triangle, overlapping the last two sides and glue or tape shut.
8.) Glue “connector” to the back of peacock body. Let dry.
9.) Put glue on the other two sides of the triangular connector and then glue peacock body to feathers.


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