Family Coloring Activity

family-coloring-activity-pinWe all know kids love to color. Many adults now love to color. Why not do it together?

Here is a little activity I like to do with my kids. We look for an interesting image on the internet or in a book and then we sit down together and draw it. I let my kids watch me so that if they are having trouble, they can see how I am working it out. In this case we each drew a fish.

My son drew the fish on the top, mine is on the bottom. In case you are wondering, it is a flame angelfish. Anyways, when we are done drawing, we switch papers and color each others’ drawings.



This activity would work in a classroom setting as well using guided drawing and then having the kids turn in their drawings and asking one of the students to hand out the papers. Then having the kids color in the drawings. Collaborative art in the classroom is always fun.

If you like to draw fish, I recommend a site called marinelifephotography. Keoki Stender and his wife take some amazing underwater photographs!

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