Classroom Activities for Halloween

Skeleton Assembly Races

Kids love this game! And teachers can use this opportunity to teach their kids about how  bones fit together in the human body. What do you need to play? You need at least 2 copies of this printable skeleton that is part of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book or the Life-size Human Anatomy Lesson.

How to play? Teach the kids a basic lesson about anatomy and bones. Assemble one of the skeletons and allow the kids time to understand how the bones fit together. Then, divide the class into groups and give each group one complete set of bones. Start the timers and have the kids assemble their skeletons. The First group to assemble their skeleton correctly wins the game.









The Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Sheets are available from Lucid Publishing on Amazon as a hard copy or from Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook as a download. The Life-sized Anatomy Lesson is also available on Teachers Notebook (see sidebar widget) or Teachers Pay Teachers.

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