City Scape Collage Art Project for Kids

City Scape Collage Art Project for KidsA City Scape Collage is a great art project for kids. This project is especially effective for 1st-3rd grade classrooms. Collaging is fun and easy and your kids will get amazing results if they follow simple instructions.

For this project you will need 11X17 Black construction paper for the back. For the buildings you can use construction paper scraps, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard. Brighter colors make more exciting pictures. The project shown here uses only construction paper. The only other things you will need are scissors and glue.

Have the students cut out 2-6 rectangles for their buildings. Make sure they arrange them on the paper before they begin to glue them on. Remind them that the building can overlap. Next, ask them what shapes the roofs can be (flat, triangle, squiggley). Have them cut and glue roofs. Windows are a little tricky, I recommend showing the kids how to cut a strip of paper and then cut windows from the strip. I also explain the trick for gluing (put the glue on the building instead of the window). Glue the windows on. Then I have the kids make a billboard where they can “sign” their picture. Some students decided to add trees, airplanes, helicopters, and cars by figuring out the shapes and cutting them out.

One the students have complete their art, it can be displayed all connected in a long line. You will be amazed at the results!

City Scape Collage Art Project for Kids

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