Predator is the Theme for Halloween

Carving a Predator PumpkinPredator seems to be popular with the boys this year. Everything old is new again, I guess. So, I was asked to make a predator costume and carve a predator pumpkin. Luckily I found that Paul Atwood had carved a Predator Pumpkin, and I followed his design.

The costume took quite a while, but was made mostly out of a mat that you put in the back of your pick-up truck. The rubber material was easy to cut with a utility knife (only for adult use!)

Predator Halloween Costume

The Helmet was made from a bicycle helmet, a pie tin, foam, an old Darth Vader Mask, paper mache, duck tape and paint. The dreadlocks were made out this foam stuff that you seal caulking with, the hardware store guy pointed it out for me.

Paper Mache Predator Mask

The Truth about Pinterest Party Food

spider and eyeball eggs for halloweenLast year, my son wanted a Halloween Party. Of course, I used Pinterest as my resource and found all kinds of fun stuff to make. I made deviled eggs that looked like spiders and eyeballs. I made mini jack-o-lantern rice balls. I made mini pumpkin pies. The moms oooo’ed and aaawed, but the kids didn’t care at all. They went straight for the treats, and then for the games, which were a big hit. My snack table looked super cute, BUT! It took forever to make these little treats! And quite frankly, it was a lot of work. This year, we will have more games, and I will spend less time making fancy food!

Classroom Activities for Halloween

Skeleton Assembly Races

Kids love this game! And teachers can use this opportunity to teach their kids about how  bones fit together in the human body. What do you need to play? You need at least 2 copies of this printable skeleton that is part of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book or the Life-size Human Anatomy Lesson.

How to play? Teach the kids a basic lesson about anatomy and bones. Assemble one of the skeletons and allow the kids time to understand how the bones fit together. Then, divide the class into groups and give each group one complete set of bones. Start the timers and have the kids assemble their skeletons. The First group to assemble their skeleton correctly wins the game.









The Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Sheets are available from Lucid Publishing on Amazon as a hard copy or from Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook as a download. The Life-sized Anatomy Lesson is also available on Teachers Notebook (see sidebar widget) or Teachers Pay Teachers.

More Fun Halloween Party Skeleton Games

Pin the Femur on the Skeleton

Having a Halloween party or October Birthday. This game is easy to play and great fun for the kids. Pin the Femur on the Skeleton is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

All you will need for this game is a copy of the Life-sized Human Anatomy Lesson or the Day of the Dead Coloring Book from Lucid Publishing, some card stock and scissors (a laminator is recommended but not required). If you purchased the downloadable version, print out the skeleton on card stock, and cut out all the bones. For added fun, have the kids color the skeleton in. Assemble the skeleton per the instructions, and make some extra copies of the femur.

Blindfold, and make ’em dizzy. Now your little goblins are ready to Pin the Femur on the Skeleton. They might even learn a little about anatomy while having fun with the game.

Build your own Coral Reef this Summer

Here’s a fun activity for your kids, that still has some educational value. Build a coral reef in their bedroom. After reading a brief description of the animals that live on the reef, choose the ones that you would like for your own personal reef, color them in, cut them out and glue them onto the wall. You can make some of the corals out their hand prints after tracing them onto construction paper. This fun project can keep the kids busy for hours.

Where do you start? Download the Build Your Own Coral Reef Kit from Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook, cover the wall with blue butcher paper, print out the reef animals you like best, color, cut an glue.

And you have just built your own coral reef!

Life-sized Human Anatomy Lesson and Coloring Fun

Printable life sized human anatomy lesson

Human anatomy can be boring, but not with the help of this Life-Sized Anatomy Lesson. This activity is so fun that your little ones won’t have the slightest idea that they are actually learning. They love coloring and assembling the life size skeleton and in the process, they learn how all the bones in the body fit together. The skeleton can also be used for party games, like “pin the femur on the corpse,” or “hide, seek, and assemble”.
Printable life size skeleton



To make a life size skeleton, all you have to do is purchase the packet from Teachers Pay Teachers. Print out the pages you wish to assemble. Color, cut and laminate, and you are ready for assembly. You can assemble on a wall, on the cement, or even on a park bench.

The kids like to lie down and outline each other in chalk before assembling the skeleton and four-eight year-olds are just about the right size.

So you assembled the skeleton and you want more? Print out the life-sized digestive system, and organs. Color and assemble.

printable digestive systemprintable skeleton with organs
The downloadable packet also includes worksheets, reference posters, flashcards for bone and organ matching, a mini skeleton, instructions, learning objectives and testing sheets.


Easy Halloween Tombstone Craft for Kids

Halloween Tombstone Craft TutorialYou can make these Halloween tombstones in a jiffy using some empty produce boxes from your local big-box store. They are fun to make and will be a great addition to your Halloween decor. View the picture tutorial below. The instructions are at the bottom of the page.
Halloween Tombstone Craft TutorialHalloween Tombstone Craft TutorialHalloween Tombstone Craft TutorialHalloween Tombstone Craft TutorialHalloween Tombstone Craft TutorialSupplies:

Strong produce boxes, tempera or acrylic paint, craft sponge, paint brushes, utility knife (for adult use only).


Draw a curve at the top of the box to make the shape of the tombstone. Have an adult cut the front of the box along this line. Leave the sides of the box attached where possible as this will allow for the tombstone to be able to stand up. Now you are ready to paint. If you like the textured look, mix some black and gray paint and lightly dab with a craft sponge, or you can use a brush to get the “streaked” effect. Paint the front and sides of the tombstone and let it dry. Finally, use a darker color paint to customize the tombstone to your liking. My son wanted a skull with some red “blood streaks” and he painted in the words “beware of Zombies”, but you have your own creative license. Have fun with it.



How to Make a Power Rangers Pinata

Power Ranger Samurai Pinata

Your little boy is gonna love this home-made pinata!

Here is what you are going to need:

  • 16-18″ heavy duty balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Paper Mache glue (1 part flour-4parts water)
  • Gesso
  • Paint
  • Zip ties
  • Duck Tape
  • Drop cloth


Prepare your work area by placing a drop cloth on the ground or table. Blow up the balloon to your desired size. I use a margarine tub to hold it. Prepare your paper mache glue using one part flour to 4 parts water and mix it well. Tear up your newspaper into 1-2″ strips. Dip the paper into the glue and cover the entire balloon, leaving a 2″ circle at the top to fill with candy. Let this dry overnight.

Making power ranger pinata

Now repeat the paper mache process for at least 2 more layers. Once you have a solid pinata that is dry, use gesso to cover the entire pinata and hide all the newsprint. Then you can stencil or sketch on the face. Now you are ready for paint. When the pinata is painted and dry, use an icepick to puncture holes where you placed the duck tape and insert the zip ties. Now you’re ready to party!

Your little guy can help you with this! They love tearing the paper and getting dirty with the glue!



Power ranger pinata tutorial

how to paint power ranger pinata


painting a power ranger samuraihome-made power ranger pinata

Child Life Size Skeleton Project

Life size skeleton craft for Halloween Kids love scary Halloween projects. Here’s one that is sure to be a hit. This printable skeleton is as big as your first-grader and can be colored in any way you like. Simply print out the pages, and color them in.

Need a fun classroom project to help kids learn about anatomy? Separate the kids into groups to have them color in different parts of the body. All the major bones are labeled in this printable skeleton, so  kids can learn the names of the bones. Have your kids try to figure out how they all fit together. Kids can learn about anatomy while their creativity is being inspired.

All anatomy aside, this can just be a fun project for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos and it makes a great wall hanging. This  printable skeleton is available on ETSY for just $4.99! Instructions for assembly are included. The printable also includes ten Day of the Dead decorated sugar skull coloring sheets that can be made into masks or wall hangings and provides another great art project for classrooms and home schools. Adults tend to rediscover how much they love coloring when working on this project.

Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets

Day of the Dead Halloween Skull