How to make a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata Costume

I just put together this quick video on how I made a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata costume out of boxes and tissue paper.

I started with a couple boxes, one large and one long. I cut a hole in the bottom of the large box and then basically taped and glued the two boxes together. I created the head from a sketch and cut 2 pieces of cardboard out of that shape. I taped the head together and placed it onto the neck.

Then I stacked and cut 3-4″ strips of colored tissue paper with 1″ fringe. Starting at the bottom of the llama costume, I glued layers of tissue paper. I changed colors every 4 layers.

I used construction paper for the eye and reins, and paper bag for the saddle bag. I think the saddle bag may look a little better in the middle.

In the end, I attached a guitar strap (you could use a belt) in front of the hole to carry the costume around my neck.

There are a lot variations that you could make. Have a fun and safe Halloween


Haunted House Collage Craft for Kids

With only a few days left before Halloween, this Haunted House Collage is an easy way to make last minute decorations or occupy the kiddos. All you need is paper, glue and scissors, and a craft knife (for adults only).

I just used 9X12 construction paper and had the kids pick out the background color that they liked best. Purple, royal blue, and charcoal gray seem to work best.

Then we need to make the moon. Circles can be difficult to create, but I just use a lid to one of my pots and trace it on a bright yellow piece of paper before cutting it out. The bigger you make it, the better the collage turns out. (see below). Glue the moon onto the background.

Now for the haunted house: Using a white crayon, draw your best haunted house on black paper and cut it out. If the pictured design is too hard for you to copy, use the tips from my previous post on creating a city scape collage. You can simply cut out long black rectangles for the house and triangles for the roof and then overlap them to create the building.


Next, cut out several rectangles for windows and glue into place. For this craft, the adult can use a craft knife to cut out the doors and fold them back, then glue the yellow paper behind. Again, if this is too much work, simply glue the yellow paper on the front to make more windows and doors. Finally you can embellish the moon with bats….and if you want, use a black pen to draw spooky things in the windows like spiderwebs, ghosts, witches and ghouls.

Happy Halloween!


Halloween or Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull Mask Making Craft

Sugar Skull Halloween or Dia De los Muertos MasksChildren love to make these colorful masks and they are so easy. Simply print out (on heavy cardstock) the colorable sugar skulls from the Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets Download available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Then have your children color them in with as much detail as they like. There is also a blank skull template included in the download for children who want to design their own mask. Cut out the masks and attach a heavy popsicles stick to the bottom with glue. Then line up the kids for a Skeleton Parade.

Skeleton Masks for Skeleton Parade sugar skull mask

Watercolor Fall Leaves Wreath Tutorial

Watercolor Fall Leaves Wreath Tutorial

As a continuation of the Watercolor Fall Leaves Tutorial from last week, I am adding another craft that you can do with your watercolor leaves. Here I have simply taken a wire coat hanger and stretched it out to form a circle. I have then taken about a 18-20 clothespins and pined the watercolor leaves to the circle. Its that simple! In this photo, I have used the leaves from the watercolor leaves bouquets, so you are seeing the stems attached, but certainly is no need for the stems.


Please note: I wouldn’t recommend hanging this one on the door as watercolors are susceptible to moisture damage, but it sure looks beautiful hanging on the wall in your home to give that feeling of autumn.


How to make a Milk Jug Halloween Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern

This was done completely by my five year old. See the easy instructions below the image.

You will need: One (1) large piece of orange tissue paper, or in this case since I didn’t have orange (1) each red and yellow, One 1-gallon milk jug, a paint brush and school glue or mod podge.

I started by mixing equal parts glue and water in a bowl. Then cut up the tissue paper into squares. Paint the glue onto a portion of the jug and stick on the tissue paper. Paint over the tissue with the glue solution. Repeat, overlapping the tissue. Allow to dry completely. Pick out a face for you Jack-o-Lantern and sketch in pencil on the jug. Use a sharpie or other permanent black marker to color in the face. Fill your pumpkin with twinkle lights, or cut off the bottom and place over a flameless candle. Fun for all the kids!