How to make a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata Costume

I just put together this quick video on how I made a Fortnite Style Llama Piñata costume out of boxes and tissue paper.

I started with a couple boxes, one large and one long. I cut a hole in the bottom of the large box and then basically taped and glued the two boxes together. I created the head from a sketch and cut 2 pieces of cardboard out of that shape. I taped the head together and placed it onto the neck.

Then I stacked and cut 3-4″ strips of colored tissue paper with 1″ fringe. Starting at the bottom of the llama costume, I glued layers of tissue paper. I changed colors every 4 layers.

I used construction paper for the eye and reins, and paper bag for the saddle bag. I think the saddle bag may look a little better in the middle.

In the end, I attached a guitar strap (you could use a belt) in front of the hole to carry the costume around my neck.

There are a lot variations that you could make. Have a fun and safe Halloween


Fifteen Day of the Dead Crafts and Party Ideas

Day of the Dead Craft Round-up

Fall has arrived and Day of the Dead is just around the corner. If you are thinking of celebrating or having a Dia de los Muertos themed party, we have compiled some fun DIY Crafts and party ideas for you!

1.) Make these fun Tissue Paper Flowers 

2.) Make your own Sugar Skull Masks using printable coloring sheets



3.) Play pin the heart on the Skeleton

This large printable skeleton is fun for kids to assemble, learn about anatomy, and play Pin the Heart on the Skeleton

4.) Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

5.) Make a Day of the Dead Garland

6.)  Make Sugar Skull Pinatas

In fact, you should check all of the Crafty Chica Day of the Dead Craft Tutorials. She is awesome!!!

7.) Sugar Skull Icing tutorial

8.) Make Edible Sugar Skulls:

9. Make your own nichos:

10.) Learn How to Draw a Sugar Skull


11.) Paint Sugar Skull Pumpkins

Day of the Dead Pumpkin Painting

12.) Sugar Skull Make-up and Facepaint Tutorials

13.) Sugar Skull Paper Mosaic Craft

14.) Make Balloon Calaveras

15.) Design your own Ofrenda

Dia del los Muertos Alter








How to make watercolor blooming hearts

watercolor heart craftIn this video tutorial, I show you how to make these beautiful watercolor hearts. This is a great Valentine’s Day craft for kids. Each heart is one of a kind.

What you will need for this craft is high quality watercolor paint. I recommend winsor newton. In the fall leaves craft tutorial, I mentioned that this craft will not work with cheap paints. That means that you cannot use those little dry cakes of watercolor; you must use a professional grade paint. You also must use 140lb cold pressed paper. This paper has more grit or teeth and creates the nice effects that you see here. As far as paint colors, choose 1 or 2 reds and one blue. I use alizarin crimson in the video but cadmium red is fine, and french ultramarine is a lovely blue. In the heart pictured above, I use a tad of Q gold.

This is a wet in wet technique. Your paint should be prepared ahead of time and mixed with water until you achieve the texture of heavy cream.You will tear your watercolor paper into 4″ X 6″ pieces (or smaller) and draw a heart with a pencil. Then use plain water to wet the paper only inside the heart. It should be wet but there should be not puddles (you can suck up extra water with the edge of a paper towel. Then simply drop in your colors and tilt the paper to mix.   To dry the hearts, you can use a hair dryer, but beware that little puddles of paint may blow across the page. This is a great project for the art classroom.


DSCF1340DSCF1347photoSacred Heart in watercolor IMG_7535



How to make 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments


How_to_paper_Christmas_Ornament_pinIn a post last year, I showed you how to make three-dimensional paper Christmas Ornaments. This year, I decided to put together a little video showing you how to do it. The ornament template come from the Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book and Papercrafts, BUT, you can make these ornaments with construction paper, using simple shapes like circles, stars, and hearts. They are fun and easy to make.

Lucid Publishing offers a free version of some of these ornament templates on their website.

Happy Holidays!


Halloween Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Makeup Face Paint Tutorial

Halloween Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Collage Tutorial