Thanksgiving Craft – Cork Turkey

Cork Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

These cork turkeys are easy and fun to make! They also make great little favors or place settings.


2 Corks

2 googly eyes

Construction paper

2 Pushpins

School glue

Tacky glue

Cutting board

Hot glue and a glue gun




Cut out 12-15 feathers approximately 2” long from the construction paper. To make the tail, fan out the feathers and glue to the flat end of one cork. While the glue is drying cut the other cork into thirds. (The easiest way that I have found to cut cork is to steam it until it begins to expand and then you can cut right through it with a kitchen knife on a cutting board). Use hot glue to attach the head to the body at the front end of the full cork (see photo above).


While the glue is drying, cut a triangular beak and wattle out of the construction paper. Glue the beak, waddle and eyes onto your turkey’s face. I recommend tacky glue for the eyes. Finally push two pushpins into the bottom of the cork at a slight angle outward. These should be placed just behind the head so that the turkey will rest on its bottom